Benefits of Being a Court Reporter

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Benefits of Being a Court Reporter

Are you ready to enter a growing field, choose your hours, and experience six-figure earning potential? If that sounds like you, consider being a court reporter. While that’s not all there is to this profession, it’s better than endless years in school only to have hundreds of dollars in student loans and no job prospects. Not only that but you’re constantly learning as you explore opportunities in the legal field, business, politics, and professional sports.

What are the benefits of being a court reporter in Orlando, Tampa, or Jacksonville?

You can’t beat the weather in Florida, especially while most of the rest of the country is below zero and snowy! Aside from that, court reporting offers the freelance lifestyle with a potential to earn six figures – all without a four-year college degree and the associated student loans! That’s not bad especially if you’re looking for a new career with flexibility.

What makes a court reporter a great reporter?

If you’re focused, detail-oriented, punctual, compassionate, and professional, you may have what it takes to be a great court reporter. We spend countless hours focused on recording and transcribing and there’s a high level of accuracy. For those who have speed, you may be a good fit for CART Captioning.

What is CART Captioning?

When you go to the gym and see captioning for live television like news or press conferences, you’re seeing the work of CART captioners, also called real-time reporters. There is additional training required. A Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) averages 225 words per minute (wpm) while a more advanced CART captioner exceeds 260 words per minute (wpm) at 95% accuracy.

Florida Court Reporters

While Florida is set to experience a surplus of court reporters in the coming year, most areas of the country are experiencing a court reporter shortage. That means two things. One is that your skills are of higher value which translates to increased earnings. Second, you can train to be a reporter in Florida in one of three programs and take those skills to the business world and/or to the legal field in other states as a traveling freelance court reporter.

All in all, the benefits of being a court reporter are growing for the right candidates.

If you’re interested in learning more or are in need of a reporter, we’d love to talk to you!