Breean Crisp, RPR, RMR, CRR

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Breean Crisp is a native Floridian originally from Tampa. She graduated from Erwin Technical Institute May of 2006 and has worked as one of our Orlando court reporters since that time.  Bree holds some of the most difficult to obtain certifications offered by the National Court Reporters Association: Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter and Certified Realtime Reporter. Fewer than 7% of all stenographers hold these certifications. She may not say it, but Bree is one of the best court reporters in America.

Bree has an expertise in realtime reporting. Realtime allows attorneys to read the deponent’s testimony simultaneously on their computer using CART software.  This is the same technology used for closed captioning.  It also enables the attorneys to mark the text as it appears on their screen for their personal use and read-back and recollection of previous testimony. She can provide this service by Case View, Bridge or Live Deposition streaming. Only the most skilled stenographers can provide realtime services. Because of the demand for Bree’s realtime qualifications and expertise, she is willing to travel abroad at the request of clients.

Bree embraces technology in the court reporting industry and helps promote new innovative ideas within the field. To this end, she has begun offering working video to clients upon request. Working video allows the client to obtain video footage of the deponent which is excellent for use at mediations, arbitrations and trial preparation. It is recommended that a traditional videographer be used if the video is going to be shown at trial as only a dedicated videographer can ensure video that is of the highest quality and accuracy.

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