Brian Ruiz Joins Milestone.

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Brian Ruiz has joined Milestone Reporting Company as our National Client Services Manager. Brian has previously worked for industry leaders such as Network Deposition Services and Westlaw Deposition Services where he was the Senior Project Manager overseeing the daily operations of all aspects of the deposition process.  He has years of hands-on experience with pricing, case consultation, logistics management and transcript production

Brian adds a layer of dedicated project/case management for Milestone’s clients both for national and international case work.  His 16 years of experience as a paralegal combined with his problem-solving skills and military background make him invaluable as a project manager for any case.

Brian will provide 24/7 accessibility for all aspects of your deposition, including coordination of locations, confirmation of services and case consultation to ensure all the necessary services are provided for a successful deposition. Brian is another way in which Milestone has separated itself from other Orlando court reporters. When you need a qualified court reporter on the other side of the country (or planet), Brian has personal contacts and relationships that allow us to provide consistent, high-quality services that other companies cannot.

In addition to his work at Milestone, Brian also manages national networking for our partner agencies in Kentucky and Louisiana. He is actively involved in opening new offices across the United States as we grow with our clients.

You may phone Brian directly at 855-MY-DEPOS or email him at [email protected]. With as little as a time, date and location, Brian will ensure that all arrangements are made and that confirmations are sent to all parties scheduling.

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