Court Reporting and Legal Videography Will Change Your Mediation Results

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Milestone Reporting is a proud supporter of the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida. We regularly sponsor CLEs, seminars and other events meant to improve professionalism in the legal community. In this case, we were even lucky enough to participate. Evelyn Quintana, our Director of Client Relations, and Mike McDonner, company President, spoke on how an attorney’s choice of court reporting firms can directly impact their success at a mediation or arbitration. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your next mediation more successful.

Video As A Negotiation Tool

We are focused on providing our clients with the tools to most effectively tell their story during negotiations. If a picture is worth a thousand words then our video deposition clips are priceless at a mediation. Lets say that you are mediating a case against a retail chain and the corporate representative is an executive who has little face-to-face experience with store employees. That executive might have a very high opinion of his employees when all he knows about them comes from written summaries or plain deposition transcripts. When that executive sees a 30-second video clip of his employee nervously evading a question, sweating and stumbling through an answer, then his confidence will immediately be shattered. Conversely, the defense can use video to show how a plaintiff looks to his attorney for guidance before answering any questions. With a short video summary, counsel can immediately convey the plaintiff’s lack of credibility. The value of the case can dramatically rise or fall with video clips that no more than a few seconds long. That is an extremely powerful tool for negotiations and one that only Milestone can provide at rates that fit litigation of almost any size.

Neutral Locations For Mediation

If you are allowing settlement negotiations to take place at your opponent’s office then you are doing a great disservice to both you and your client. You opponent has designed their office in a way that makes them comfortable and impresses their clients. It is also meant to impress you. Recent evidence from research on competitive allocation tasks suggests that both power and status are linked to individual outcomes and that this relationship is mediated by the partner’s attention (Proell, Thomas-Hunt, & Fragale, 2006; see also Solnick & Schweitzer, 1999). In a study on negotiation, individuals who were primed with the recollection of a time when they felt dominant or powerful tended to wield more influence over the early stages of the negotiation process (e.g., making the first offer to gain an anchoring advantage, Galinsky & Mussweiler, 2001), and in so doing, they achieved superior individual outcomes (Magee, Galinsky, & Gruenfeld, in press). To put it even more simply, there is a reason that football teams win more when they play at home. They have greater confidence. Make sure that your next mediation is held at either your office or a neutral site. If you are choosing a neutral site, give us a call. Milestone has mediation and conference room facilities across the United States. They are built with your comfort and budget in mind. Make sure you have even playing field at your next mediation, let Milestone host.