MileStone | Reporting Company puts the latest technology to work for you. While all transcripts are produced locally, our online repository means you’re never out of touch with the latest reports from your case. Access reports on the go with your mobile computing device anywhere, any time. We save you time and keep your case on schedule by providing these services.

  • Court Reporting
  • Web/Video Conferencing
  • Multicore Technology
  • Trial Presentation
  • Large Case Management
  • Video- and- Audio- to- Text Sync
  • Electronic Bates Stamping for E-Discovery
  • 24/7 Web-Based Online Repository
  • Records Pickups
  • Video Editing
  • Conference Room Rental
  • Process Serving
  • Mediation Suites
  • Transcription From Audio
  • Interpreters
  • Videographers
  • Mobile Transcripts App
  • Hyperlinked Exhibits
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Bates Stamping

From file to trial, we offer the services necessary for efficient, effective execution of your legal strategy. Our staff of experienced reporters approach each case like you do: uniquely, personally and with impeccable attention to detail.

MileStone | Reporting Company provides local, legal videography services to assure that immediately after your deposition goes off record, it’s recorded, digitized and burned to a CD, DVD, or VHS.

Need your deposition transcript testimony linked on- screen with video testimony? How about with exhibits scanned in and hyperlinked all in one package? Showcase the entire testimony of one witness in one small bundle or forward to experts for review.

Endless depositions, mountains of files and weeks of courtroom time. Who will partner with you for video conferences, depositions and trials to make certain every word is recorded accurately, on time? MileStone | Reporting Company.