Don’t be a Sisyphus

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As the earth screams its way around the sun in its seemingly infinite cosmic dance, it is very easy to feel bogged down and overwhelmed by stress.  More often than not, stress comes from the workplace…whether you are a court reporter, legal videographer, paralegal or lawyer; we all have our fair share.  But in this life, it’s not about the amount of stress; it’s how you deal with it.  Balancing your work life, home life, social life, and personal life is essential for dealing with stress in a healthy way.  If the relationship between these things becomes skewed, you can easily over-focus on one aspect and let the others fall by the wayside.  One who focuses too much on career runs the risk of alienating his friends and loved ones, not to mention loss of social skills.  One who focuses too much on the social and personal aspects of their lives may suffer at work due to hangover or sleep deprivation (if you know what I’m saying).  Everyone has their own unique way of maintaining balance in their lives.

What’s yours?

For me, coming from being a personal trainer on the golden coast of California to becoming part of the Multicore production team at MileStone Reporting, aspects of my life were at risk of falling out of balance.  Going from moving around all day in a gym to sitting most of my day in front of a computer was QUITE a change, but with a few subtle shifts in focus and lifestyle, I was able to maintain my health, my sanity, and my overall stability.

One way to look at it is like this: Identify the factors in your life you have control over, and recognize the aspects you do not have control over.  You view those manageable aspects of your life and organize them in a way that will benefit you the most in the realms of personal fulfillment, health, career, and love.

Everyone balances themselves in different ways, but regardless of HOW you do it, Happiness and Balance are usually the byproduct.  As for those things you have no control over, don’t even try.  It would be like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the mountain, only to have it fall back down… essentially, it’s a frivolous endeavor.  A wise man once said “You can’t control others’ acts, but you can control your reaction to their acts, and that is what counts most to you”.  This is as true for your peers and fellow humans as it is about the events and occurrences in your life.  It also has a great deal to do with choice.   Believe it or not, you can choose whether or not to be “stressed out”.  It’s a crazy thought, sure, but you and your emotions belong to you.  They belong to no one else and should be considered a blessing.  When encountered with a stressful situation, you can cause a sneaky hate spiral in your mind that will bring you down under the crushing weight of distress or you can say, “Hey, this sucks I acknowledge that, but I see this as an opportunity for growth”.  You can choose to be frazzled and bogged down, or you can choose to meet it head on as a chance to grow.  Struggle breeds adaptation.

What’s your choice?

“Everything worthwhile in life is attainable through hard work.  Happiness is no exception”- Dennis Prager


By: Sam Penniman
Milestone | Reporting Company