Leah McKenzie

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Leah McKenzie is an experienced stenographer whose work has included jury trials, bench trials, medical malpractice litigation, personal injury, criminal matters, business, construction litigation and just about any other type of deposition you can imagine. Leah takes depositions on a daily basis and gets to work with a wide variety of attorneys, deponents and other parties to litigation. While Leah is one our Orlando court reporters, she regularly travels around Florida at the request of her clients. She has accompanied clients on depositions outside of Florida and even to locations outside of the United States.

Leah also offers all of her clients Working Video services upon request. Working Video is a digital camera that is set-up and operated by the court reporter during your deposition. The video that is produced is great for future use at mediations, settlement negotiations, and arbitrations. It is not always ideal for use at trial because the court reporter’s primary focus is on producing a verbatim transcript. However, it is extremely economical compared to traditional video.

Like all of our court reporters, Leah takes depositions on a daily basis. Whereas most court reporters may only take two or three depositions per week, our standardized production system allows our court reporters to stay in the field every day. In short, court reporters like Leah spend almost all of their time working directly with attorneys and experiencing the many unique situations that can arise during litigation. Whatever problem or scenario that may arise at your deposition, you can be confident that Leah has successfully dealt with a similar situation in the past

Leah was born and raised in the small town of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  She moved to Orlando in 2004 in order to attend the Stenotype Institute of Orlando. Leah obtained an Associate’s Degree in Court Reporting in 2010 and immediately began working for Milestone Reporting upon graduation. When she is not busy churning out accurate transcripts, she loves spending time with her family and cuddling with her two giant dogs.  She often returns to Wisconsin and enjoys snowmobiling, ice fishing, spending time at the lake, eating cheese curds and frozen custard (this is apparently what people in Wisconsin do for fun).