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Milestone Reporting Company has an in-house staff of legal videographers and legal video deposition specialists. We offer both digital video cameras and traditional Mini DV cameras (upon request). Our experience has been that some attorneys prefer the extra security of having a tangible tape backing-up their recording. Regardless, our professional videographers capture high-quality video that will make a great impression at your next trial.

Legal Videography Experience Matters

We understand that you plan to use your video at trial, mediation and/or arbitration. Every legal videographer knows to focus on the video image and ensure that the recording complies with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. However, some people do not realize that your legal videographer also needs to have a focus on capturing the audio. A video recording of a deponent whose voice is garbled or drowned out by an air conditioner is virtually worthless. That is why all of our videographers wear headphones throughout your deposition to ensure the sound feeds on the mics are crisp and clear. When you choose a videographer from Milestone Reporting Company, you can be sure that your video deposition will make a great impression when played at trial.


All of our legal videographers are in-house employees so that you can be assured of consistent formats and quality. Many court reporters farm out their legal video work to a variety of videographers. This can cause many problems when you back order videos and they are spread among several different videographers who may not use the same formats or storage mechanisms. When you schedule with  Milestone Reporting Company, you will know that your video deposition will always be formatted the same regardless of whether your deposition is in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Cape Coral or any other part of Florida.

Trial Ready

Recently, a mistrial was ordered on one of the last days of a two-week long medical malpractice trial. The mistrial was caused by a video that had not been edited properly and referenced the defendant’s insurance. At Milestone Reporting Company, we ensure that all of our DVD labels read as either “unedited” or “trial ready” so that you never play the wrong video at trial. Moreover, our production department will edit videos according to your instructions at no additional cost. In other words, our videographers are with you from your first deposition and all the way to trial.

Video-to-Text Synchronization

Video-to-text synchronization is a service that we have offered for many years. This allows our in-house legal video staff to synchronize the text of your deposition with the video. Synchronized videos are a powerful tool at trial, mediation, and arbitrations. It will allow the jury or judge to simultaneously see and hear the witness’ testimony. This combination of sound, pictures and text can amplify the power of the testimony. You can also download our free App that allows you to upload, review, save, and edit your synchronized videos. Now you can prepare for trial from the convenience of your tablet.

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