The Complete Solution


Multicore is an all-in-one media package that allows you to see, hear and read your depositions, including hyperlinked exhibits, all in one package. Our Multicore platform is supported by Visionary software that is an intuitive software tool used by the legal industry for organizing and managing volumes of transcripts, exhibits and videos connected with a case. MileStone | Reporting Company will provide Visionary 8 trial presentation software free; an ideal solution for preparing your case and presenting evidence in mediations, hearings and trials. Our Multicore disc package is provided with every deposition transcript.

Audio syncing – Read it and hear it. Our court reporters give you the audio!

Video syncing – Read it, hear it, see it. No budget for a videographer? No problem. Our media reporters have the ability to videotape the deposition along with recording the written word.

Hyperlinked word-searchable exhibits – OCR (Optical Character Resolution)

Free trial presentation software with video editing tools –  the power to edit your own videos and transcripts with a simple click, drag and drop. Search, find and present on the fly.

Tamper resistant paper transcripts.