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Courtrooms Around The Country are Updating Their Audio-Visual Systems.

Jurors want to see video!

Jurors want to see video!

What do you see in the above picture of a recently upgraded Circuit Court Courtroom? Posterboards on tripods? Drawings? Models? What you see are countless screens used to immerse jurors in visual evidence. Our Orlando court reporters and videographers are always monitoring the changes in our industry and this is one that will change your deposition practice. Courtrooms around the United States and Florida are slowly being upgraded with digital evidence presentation systems. One such courtroom is the Orlando Division of the U.S. Middle District for Florida. The Division maintains three courtrooms that are fully outfitted for digital presentation. Each attorney’s table has a monitor available to view evidence and a microphone. In the well of each table, a VGA and audio connection is available as well as a power outlet. Attorneys may use this connection or the connection available through the cart to present evidence from a laptop computer. The witness box is equipped with an annotation monitor for display of evidence. This allows both the attorney and witness to emphasize and respond visually to evidence.

Paper transcripts do not work on a video monitor...

Prepped and ready for video.

Are You Prepared For Trials In The 21st Century?

Many attorneys have expressed some concern about being able to operate the new audio/visual systems in the new courtrooms. However, the system is designed for ease of use and can be operated with relative ease. Basic explanatory information is readily available from the Orlando Division. The real concern for attorneys should not be whether or not they can operate the courtrooms’ presentation technology. Instead, every attorney’s focus should be on how they are going to use the technology to better their case.

Modern Courtrooms Without Video Is Like An Xbox Without Any Video Games.

Assuming you have mastered all of the new courtroom presentation equipment, the only question remaining is what are you going to do with it? You have to be able to show the jury something on those brand-new high definition projection screens. No kid wants an Xbox that does not come with games. Likewise, a jury does not want to see a blank screen or simple blow-ups of a deposition transcript. The whole point of the new presentation systems will be to cue a jury through text, audio and visual means. Quite simply, you need to make sure that you have video of all pretrial testimony.

Video Testimony Is More Persuasive To The Jury And The Judge.

It seems like it is safe to say that video is a more persuasive means of convincing a jury than simply reading a deposition transcript. After all, there is a reason that television commercials cost many times more than radio commercials – they are more persuasive. That said, no one should think that video depositions are only for use at trial. They are just as valuable when arguing motions to judges. After all, it has been the judiciary leading the charge for courtroom upgrades. Clearly, the judges want to see more testimony. Playing snippets of video depositions during your motion practice will add considerable authority to the deposition testimony by providing context and showing the judge the witness’ body language. Verbal argument before a judge can turn into a boring monologue. The key way to break up your argument is by inserting video testimony rather than monotonously reading from the record. When the judge can see and hear the combativeness of a witness (or counsel), he may grant an entirely different ruling on your motion to compel than he would have by only reading a transcript.

Orlando Video Depositions Are Affordable.

Our videographers provide professional video deposition services at reasonable rates. We charge $85 per hour for the first hour and $65 for each additional hour. The fact that we advertise our rates (our competitors do not) demonstrates how reasonable we are. In fact, video rates can often cost less than traditional court reporting rates. If you do need a transcript at a later date, we can affordably transcribe the video record. Do not let the low prices fool you, our video department is led by a Certified Legal Video Specialist. We stand by the quality of all of our videos to ensure that they are trial ready.

Our cost includes the production of objection logs, exhibit logs, multiple video formats and preservation of the video record in perpetuity. We will also edit your video for trial at no additional charge. Again, we can provide these services at such a reasonable rate because we have in-house video-editing staff who specialize in video depositions.

Milestone Reporting Company Is The Premier Provider of Orlando Video Depositions.

We are one of the few court reporting companies in Florida to maintain a staff of in-house videographers. We routinely take three and four video depositions each day (sometimes as many as nine or ten). Nationwide, we have seen the percentage of attorneys adding video to their depositions increase from about 20% of all depositions to closer to 40% of all depositions. We strongly believe that this trend will continue as more attorneys use the new digital courtrooms.  Attorneys perform better at video depositions because they prepare more and are more focused on efficiency. The camera captures the emotions, the fidgeting, the delays and the comfort levels displayed by the deponent. In many cases, video is simply a better record and it is now cost efficient. Our advice: videotape all of your depositions and do not try to do it yourself. The Louisville courtroom upgrades are designed to immerse jurors in visual images. Without a video record, there is not much to show the jurors on those beautiful new screens.

Our court reporters and videographers work together to produce a video that is synchronized to the text of the deposition transcript. You do not need to rush out and buy video production software, trial presentation software or synchronization equipment – we already have it. Moreover, we have established an expertise by using these technologies daily. Our full time production staff carefully syncs the video to the text. They also conveniently scan all of your exhibits into digital files and attach them to one DVD. In short, our staff will completely digitize your deposition and provide you with the tools you need to maximize the impact of the courtroom upgrades. We then carefully label all DVDs to indicate whether they have been edited for trial.

We label all of our DVDs because attorneys ask a lot of questions during a deposition that are not admissible at trial. For example, if an attorney asks a defendant if they have insurance and then plays that testimony at trial, a mistrial is likely. We prevent mistrial by providing you with a warning label and a time-stamped log of all the objections made during a deposition. This makes it very easy to go back to the unedited DVD and remove all objectionable material. Best of all, we will edit your DVDs for free and then label them as “TRIAL READY.” In other words, we take the worry out of trial presentation by doing the prep-work at the time the deposition is taken. When you walk out of a deposition taken by Milestone Reporting Company, you will know that you have an accurate video, audio and written record that is completely compatible with digital courtrooms. You will also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have our entire staff at your disposal to edit, copy, download, print and organize your data. Of course, we also offer trial presentation services with TrialDirector and Sanction. Give us a call today to learn more about the Orlando video deposition specialists.

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