Rely On Milestone’s Nationwide Network Of Court Reporters

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Milestone Reporting Company has been known as the leading provider of professional Orlando court reporters since 1979. Over the course of the last three decades, Milestone has grown into one of the elite reporting agencies in Florida. Our court reporters provide services to every corner of Florida. From Pensacola to Miami, and everywhere in-between, you will find attorneys who rely on Milestone for all of their court reporting and legal videography needs.

Most Attorney’s Practices Are No Longer Local.

As our company has grown, we have seen the needs and requests of our clients grow as well. When our company was founded, the geographic scope of most attorneys’ practice was the city or county in which they lived. However, as our world has become more and more interconnected, there are very few cases that remain truly local in nature. Many attorneys have specialized practices and their expertise is required by clients across Florida and the United States. Likewise, attorneys must rely on experts from all over the country as they develop their cases. It is not unusual to see experts from far-flung locations such as New York, Minnesota, California and Texas all in one single case. Attorneys want the best expert possible and they will go as far as necessary to find them.

Just Google Your Court Reporter?

While attorneys are focused on finding the right experts, they are not always focused on finding the court reporters and videographers they will need to document that expert’s testimony during a deposition. It is not uncommon for an attorney to simply ask his secretary to find court reporter for his out-of-state deposition. Let’s say the deposition is to take place in Wyoming. The secretary is likely to rely on Google and simply type in “Wyoming court reporters.” What will they find? Who knows. Google search results are usually based on a court reporter’s effort to optimize their website. Being the first result in Google certainly does not mean that you are the best in your respective field. Attorneys who merely rely on Google search terms may end up with an inexperienced and overpriced court reporter who cannot deliver the level of services required by their case.

We have heard (and even experienced) many horror stories when it comes to relying on out-of-state court reporters. Sometimes they do not show up time and, sometimes they do not show up at all. Some court reporters will not produce a transcript unless they are paid beforehand (while charging much more than typical Florida rates). Many out-of-state court reporters are not accustomed to producing a deposition transcript as fast as is expected in Florida. It is not unheard of for reporters to take thirty days (or more) to produce a transcript in other parts of the country. Such a long turnaround time could be devastating to a time-sensitive case.

Rely On Milestone’s Nationwide Network!

Milestone has been networking cases across the United States for the better part of the last twenty years. We have reliable court reporters and videographers in all fifty states. These affiliates are committed to maintaining the high standards that Milestone’s customers demand. In an effort to maintain these standards we have put together a team of four scheduling specialists who work with court reporters all over America. Brian Ruiz, our Director of National Client Services, has trained court reporters around the United States for over fifteen years.


When you need an experienced and reliable court reporter anywhere in America or around the world, call Milestone Reporting Agency. Do not just Google a location or pull a name out of a phonebook. Rely on our team to link you with a court reporters who will deliver a verbatim transcript in seven days at the prices to which you are accustomed.