Sam Acevedo headshot
Sam Acevedo is a member of our legal videography team, one of the largest in-house video departments in the entire Southeast. He does video work on depositions, IMEs, trials, site inspections and day-in-the-life shoots on a daily basis. When not in the field, his focus is on video encoding, syncing, editing, duplication, technical support and trouble-shooting for our clients.

Every video taken by Sam is taken with the assumption that it will eventually be shown to a jury. This means that our video is shot with high quality video and audio equipment. We know that the sound captured on the video is just as important as the actual images recorded. How many times have you started a video at trial only to have to turn the the volume up as high as possible so that the jury can hear the testimony? With our video, you can be sure that the audio is crisp, clear and taken at conversational levels.

Sam has a broad range of experience as a legal videographer. He has been the videographer of record at depositions, IMEs, vehicle inspections, accident scene inspections, equipment inspections, and death-bed interviews. Sam always ensures that your deposition videos are of the highest quality and ready for use at trial. All of the depositions and videos produced by our production department can be delivered in any format you request. Whether you need a DVD, a VHS tape, .mpg, or any other file type, we can deliver.,