iCVNet Coach Now on YouTube!

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Learn how to use iCVNet in three and a half minutes, thanks to a new YouTube video prepared just for legal professionals wishing to use the iPad to quickly connect to the real-time feed from their court reporter. This free app is available as a free download on iTunes, and it’s free, too!   iPads are […]

Whose iPad is this?

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“Whose iPad is this?”  Usually, that’s the first thing I hear when Counsel enter the depo room.  “Today, that’s for you,” I say.  “Have you seen iCVNet before?  It’s a real-time app for the iPad.” “A word is dead when it’s been said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.” ― […]

What It’s All About

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Welcome to our new website. We want to be able to inspire, encourage and sometimes even empathize. We are excited about doing the blog and we hope that you will contribute to it as well. Attorneys, legal assistants, court reporters require an amazing amount of skill, fortitude and knowledge. Believe it: the law chose you. For some reason when […]

Reporting in 1990

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Explaining to young, new court reporters in Central Florida, that when I became a professional court reporter in Orlando in 1990, my first electric court reporting machine, dot matrix printer and computer-aided transcription equipment cost more than my car, looks of disbelief are prominent.   We worked in DOS with the glare of flourescent green […]

Technology at your fingertips

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I fondly remember the story of Susan Miles, who started The Reporting Company, her full-service court reporting agency 30 years ago, telling us “newbie” court reporters that attorneys would call our agency and see if we had time slots available to cover their depos. Imagine that! Attorneys scheduling jobs around the court reporter’s schedule! Fast […]