Whose iPad is this?

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“Whose iPad is this?”  Usually, that’s the first thing I hear when Counsel enter the depo room.  “Today, that’s for you,” I say.  “Have you seen iCVNet before?  It’s a real-time app for the iPad.” “A word is dead when it’s been said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.” ― […]

Technology at your fingertips

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I fondly remember the story of Susan Miles, who started The Reporting Company, her full-service court reporting agency 30 years ago, telling us “newbie” court reporters that attorneys would call our agency and see if we had time slots available to cover their depos. Imagine that! Attorneys scheduling jobs around the court reporter’s schedule! Fast […]

Don’t be a Sisyphus

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As the earth screams its way around the sun in its seemingly infinite cosmic dance, it is very easy to feel bogged down and overwhelmed by stress.  More often than not, stress comes from the workplace…whether you are a court reporter, legal videographer, paralegal or lawyer; we all have our fair share.  But in this […]