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I fondly remember the story of Susan Miles, who started The Reporting Company, her full-service court reporting agency 30 years ago, telling us “newbie” court reporters that attorneys would call our agency and see if we had time slots available to cover their depos. Imagine that! Attorneys scheduling jobs around the court reporter’s schedule!

Fast forward.

MileStone | Reporting Company offers solutions for busy schedules. No more panicked moments 9:00 Sunday night wondering if you scheduled that court reporter for the 8:30 a.m. ex parte hearing.

Our on-line calendar allows attorneys and scheduling assistants the opportunity to view their calendar in real-time with our office. Simply by logging in with your user name and password, you are able to see your entire court reporting calendar.

But wait……..there’s more.

Each calendared event has the notice attached, along with invoice, PDF transcripts and PDF exhibits. Everything is housed for your convenience in one easy repository. You can search your repository by case name, witness name or date. Download and share all your e-litigation effortlessly. Click, save, send.

MileStone | Reporting Company provides this service free to all of our clients. If you would like to have access today to your on-line repository, simply give us a jingle and we will set you up.

Your clients will thank you.  🙂


By: Paula Leeper, RPR, CLR
Milestone | Reporting Company