Is it time to hire a transcriptionist?

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time to hire a transcriptionist

Whenever I’ve outsourced tasks, whether it’s accounting or housecleaning, I ask myself what an hour of my time is worth. If I can pay someone to do it better, faster, or more efficiently, I will hire them. It’s the same for you and your Orlando business. If you find yourself or your team spending time on tasks like transcribing recorded webinars, it might be time to hire a transcriptionist.

Efficiency & Profitability

When I looked at what an hour of my time is worth, how stressed I get handling bookkeeping and taxes, and the cost of outsourcing accounting, it became clear to me that it was time to hire someone. It’s a similar evaluation when considering if it’s time to hire a transcriptionist.

  • Who is currently transcribing and what is it costing your business in time, money, resources, and employee engagement?
  • Does the benefit outweigh the cost? Would you be able to use the documents for multiple purposes like blog posts, YouTube descriptions, speaker samples for events, and newsletter?
  • Was the person who is currently transcribing hired for that role or have they adapted?

One of the benefits of hiring a transcriptionist is to make your business more efficient.

If your administrative assistant is spending time transcribing videos and not the tasks you originally hired them to do, you may not be getting the productivity you desire.

Before Googling how to hire a transcriptionist, ask the people handling the task currently how much time they’re spending and what their experience has been like. If it’s cost and time efficient, you might choose to keep them as your transcription team but it’s likely they could be more productive doing other tasks.

Consider the Cost.

You’re not just paying for someone to listen to a recording and type fast. You’re paying them for their time and expertise. Ask about their fees and know specifics about your recording(s) because they may ask:

  • How is the quality of the audio you’re providing?
  • What is the length of the recording?
  • How many different speakers are on the recording?
  • Are they speaking English? Do they have strong foreign accents?
  • Will an interpreter be needed to help transcribe?
  • Are there industry specific terms that may require specific experience?

Your answers will figure into the cost when hiring a transcriptionist.

The bottom line is that you can’t be all things to all people in your business. If your team has a plan to re-purpose video and other recordings, it is time to hire a transcriptionist who can get them started creating content that connects your business to your target audience.