Tips for Hiring a Legal Videographer

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Hiring a Legal Videographer

Hiring a legal videographer in Orlando, Florida may be a task you’re charged with. Where do you begin? What questions do you ask? What experience and training should the legal videographer you’re interviewing possess?

Understand the reasons you need a legal videographer

Legal videographers may work in partnership with a firm or they may work on a contract basis providing legal capture services for various lawyers or firms. Why are you seeking a legal videographer? Do you need one with a specific specialty or focus? Are you seeking a videographer to capture video for a specific legal proceeding, for an estate or a criminal case?

A legal videographer may specialize in specific types of cases or may capture video for general legal proceedings. The importance of working with a legal videographer is that through his expertise he will capture not only what is being said to a jury or judge, but will also capture the body language and tone of the person being interviewed. The footage he captures may be introduced into evidence in a case and you need to know they are experienced and have a good track record.

Questions to ask before hiring a legal videographer

Is the individual a professional videographer or is she a certified legal video specialist (CLVS)?

This distinction may become highly relevant during a trial in a courtroom setting. A videographer who has completed a certification program to become a CLVS has been exposed to more than sixty standards for utilizing, capturing and retaining legal video.

A courtroom setting can pose unique sound, lighting and sightline challenges and a non-certified videographer may not understand those and you may be presented with sub-par video product.

What experience does the videographer have in the type of case for which you’re hiring?

A CLSV might not be a correct fit for your specific type case, if he has never been involved in that type previously. If the legal videographer you’re speaking with has only been exposed to recording estate matters and will signings and has never recorded in a courtroom setting, certification may not be a deciding factor and that individual might not be the best fit for your firm’s needs.

Do they have the availability you require?

This may seem a simply question, but if you contract with a legal videographer after having done your due diligence and find he or she cannot be available when you require them to be, your interviews with have been for naught. When faced with a courtroom session or the need for a video capture, you don’t want to be caught scrambling for a legal videographer if the one you’ve vetted is not available. Provide the prospective legal videographer an idea of the time frame he would be expected to be available.

What unique challenges have you been faced with when hiring a legal videographer in Florida? What advice could you offer for finding the ideal legal videographer?