What’s Your Social Media WHY?

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What's Your Social Media WHY

As I talk to more people about social media, it is clear there are two defined schools of thought. One is to check social media once a day. The other is to constantly check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram every chance you get. Whichever you fall into, or somewhere in between, have you asked yourself what’s your social media why? If you’re having trouble answering that question, it might be time to take a break and think about how you’re connecting to your world.

Are you the kind of person who wakes up and checks social media before getting out of bed? 

I’ll admit I’ve been known to check Facebook before my first cup of coffee and I am not proud of that fact and here’s why —

  • Checking a phone before saying good morning to the most important people in my life should take precedence over ANY social media post.
  • I find I lose touch with my real life friends and family when I am constantly interacting with my online contacts.
  • Giving and receiving hugs in real life is way better than any message or emoticon.

In other words, the more I stick my nose in my phone, the less connected I am to the people who matter most in my life. To reconnect, I’ve targeted my time on social media.

What’s your social media why? That’s what I ask myself before picking up my phone or logging on from my laptop.

If the answer is, “I don’t know,” then it’s time to think about why I am on social media.

I’ve spent countless blocks of time scrolling endlessly through posts but I’ve found when I define my social media time, I am actually productive.

  • Do something in real life before logging on. Make your bed. Talk to your spouse. Call a client.
  • Set a specific amount of time for social media such as 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night.
  • Focus actions by replying to business and/or personal messages and then logging off.
  • Avoid scrolling.

By defining your time and taking specific action, you can still have an active presence on social media AND you can be active in real life as well.

If you’re on social media for business, does it make sense?

As an Orlando legal professional, you’re limited in what you can talk about when it comes to your professional life. For court reporters, I often recommend having a presence on LinkedIn as it is likely where attorneys and court reporting agencies will be looking for you. While you can’t share specific case information, you can share your experience as a court reporter, mentor other reporters via groups, and share news related to the industry such as the court reporter shortage.

By answering what’s your social media why, you can then develop a strategy for how and when you’re using social media whether it’s to see the latest news about your family or to  connect with a prospective client.