How You’re Spending Your Time – and What to Change

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spending your time

In addition to this being the most wonderful time of year, for many of us, it’s also our most scheduled time of the year. Personal and professional commitments can make for long days so let’s talk about how you’re spending your time at your court reporting or law firm both at this time and as we move into next year.

It’s reported that American employees use only half their allotted vacation time each year. [Source] while also saying they’re overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed. It doesn’t make sense. It’s time to take back our vacations!

What is most important? In other words, what can be eliminated or delegated?

Now is a great time to look at your firm from a high level. List the tasks you get completed, which stay on a revolving to do list, and what you wish you could do to maintain or grow your practice. If you’re spending your time on marketing or email, ask yourself if it’s time to hire an assistant. Even part-time, they can eliminate some of the clutter from your work life by taking on tasks like scheduling social media, writing or editing content, email correspondence, and answering phones.

You may be looking to finish a big case so you can spend time with family and friends. We applaud your commitment to your work and encourage you to take time away from the office.

When was the last time you took a vacation? 

There was a post in a Facebook group that asked how people take vacations. When we say vacation, we mean time away from home and office without your work phone or laptop. The overwhelming response was to plan ahead to take time off and while working to set boundaries but it’s not always that simple.

It begins when you onboard new clients.

If your clients receive calls and emails outside normal business hours, they may come to expect that you work all day, any day. That makes for a bit of a shock for them when you decide to take a vacation. Instead, establish clear boundaries with clients as soon as you take them on. If they aren’t willing to comply, consider that they are not a good fit for your firm.

What are the benefits of taking a vacation?

The prospect of turning off your phone to take a vacation can be so unnerving that some of us never take time off but it’s hurting us to stay connected and here’s why. Vacations aren’t just good for you to rest your mind, it can benefit your business also. Many people report that they get ideas and solve problems for their business while on vacation. Seems a bit of time away from the office gives us a new view of our life and firm.

When we let ourselves rest, we’re creating space in our minds that we may not otherwise have available. If you’re looking at your end of the year calendar wondering when you will take a vacation, we encourage you to carve out the time. Even a weekend staycation can decrease the stress so you can move your court reporting or law firm forward.

When you get back to your Florida office, give Milestone Reporting a call to schedule your next deposition.