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Our Journey

Milestone Reporting Company began its journey over 30 years ago when The Reporting Company first opened its doors to the court reporting community in 1979. Pioneering a new standard of uncompromised personal service, The Reporting Company's popularity became widespread through Central Florida, deeming them "the company with a personal touch." Unparalleled quality, personalized service, and a genuine understanding of the clients' needs made The Reporting Company a leader in the industry. In 2005, Milestone Reporting, Inc. was established with a vision to become the industry leader in technology, innovation, and progressive thinking. Both companies became pillars in the industry, upholding the same high standards and providing the same quality of service to their clientele. Realizing the power that can be created if both companies worked together rather than against each other, they knew it was time to do something different.

In 2011, Milestone Reporting Company was created with the combined talents and ingenuity of both companies. The high standard of providing uncompromised personal service was blended with the most current technology available, creating a court reporting powerhouse. Innovation and change brought new ideas, a different way to do business. Milestone Reporting Company continues to seek out cost-effective measures to best service our clients, while providing them with the tools they need to properly litigate their cases. Being leaders in technology, Milestone Reporting Company stays ahead of the technological curve while continuing to provide the personalized service you and your clients deserve.

We are proud to be the longest standing court reporting agency in Central Florida. With an understanding of our clients' needs, we will provide you with the support tools, and products to successfully litigate your case.

Call us today and witness the power of Milestone Reporting Company - your clients will thank you.

Christian Bonilla headshot
Christian Bonilla

Vice President

Evelyn Qunitana Ruiz headshot
Evelyn Quintana

Director of Sales & Marketing

Lindsey Davis

Scheduling Manager

Katie O'Malley headshot
Katie O'Malley

Transcript Manager

Leah-Angelica-Marxuach headshot
Leah Marxuach

Production Manager

Sam Acevedo headshot
Sam Acevedo

Videography Manager

Natalia Basham

Scheduling Administrator

Victoria Gomez

Director of Court Reporting

Zulma Argueta Head Shot
Zulma Argueta

Court Reporter

Gabrielle Avila

Scheduling Administrator

Jaclyn Bolinski

Assistant Transcript Manager

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Delaney Caleau
Asima Choudhury

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Lindsey-Cole headshot
Lindsey Cole

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Melanie-Diaz head shot
Melanie Diaz

Court Reporter

Allie Frazier

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Lanna-Godfrey headshot
Lanna Godfrey

Assistant Director of Client Services

Atalie Gomez

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Danielle Graziano

Scheduling Administrator

Kim-Flores headshot
Kim Flores

Assistant Production Manager

Tori-Ellenberger headshot
Tori Ellenberger

Court Reporter

Merritt Johnson headshot
Merritt Johnson


Karen-Knapik headshot
Karen Knapik

Court Reporter

Vanessa-Kollcaku headshot
Vanessa Kollcaku

Court Reporter

Diana Loeb headshot
Diana Loeb, FPR

Highly Experienced, Multi-lingual Court Reporter

Ray Lucas headshot
Ray Lucas

Marketing Administrator

Gabrielle Manzares

Court Reporter

Haydee Medina headshot
Haydee Medina

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Susan Miles headshot
Susan Miles

Court Reporter

Jasmin Nunez

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Jody-Pralat headshot
Jody Pralat

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Jennifer Prohaska headshot
Jennifer Prohaska

Court Reporter

Kariann-Reynolds headshot
Kariann Reynolds

Court Reporter

Johany Rivera

Scheduling Administrator

Kim-Roberts headshot
Kim Roberts

Court Reporter

Zoila Zee Rodriguez headshot
Zoila Rodriguez

Client Relations

Sharon Samtani

Scheduling Administrator

Nayda-Sanchez headshot
Nayda Sanchez

Court Reporter

Alex Souders

Court Reporter & Legal Videographer

Maegan-Thibodeau Headshot
Maegan Thibodeau

Court Reporter

Nicole Ward
Nadine Waters headshot
Nadine Waters

Court Reporter