Christian Bonilla headshot
Christian Bonilla is the Director of Operations for Milestone Reporting Company. While managing many of the company’s human resources and financial needs, he also works with our clients on a daily basis. Christian is available around the clock to assist you with scheduling depositions, delivering transcripts, handling billing questions and solving the many unique problems that arise during the course of litigation. In short, he is the captain of the ship and your on-call problem solver. When you need a deposition transcript or hearing transcribed, Christian will make sure it is done quickly, affordably and reliably.

Christian holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on applied behavioral analysis. He also holds a Masters in Psychology. No, he does not prescribe any medications so don’t ask. Prior to joining Milestone, Christian applied his knowledge to management positions in sales and medical services. If anyone can understand how court reporting is as stressful as an Urgent Care Clinic, it is Christian.

Born and raised in Fort Hood, Texas, Christian is the youngest of three. When not helping you locate the very best Orlando court reporters, he enjoys playing basketball, football and hitting the gym. He is a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers so he will not be watching much playoff football this year. He also is a movie fanatic, with his favorite being Gladiator. He also considers himself to be a cigar connoisseur in training and is always happy to find a good cigar.

Managing court reporters across the state of Florida is no easy task. Christian has seen just about every problem and unexpected issue you can possibly imagine over his time at Milestone. Whatever your unique problem or need, you can rest assured that he has seen it before and will know how to handle the situation.