Jody Ackerman headshot
Jody Ackerman is an experienced court reporter who works out of our Orlando, Florida office. As a court reporter, Jody has experience with a wide variety of cases including medical malpractice, personal injury, Workers’ Compensation, family law, contract disputes, sink hole litigation, nursing home litigation and many other types of litigation. She frequently handles EUOs around the state.

Even though Jody is based out of our Orlando office, she regularly travels across the state to places like Altamonte Springs, Tampa, Kissimmee, Clearwater, Daytona and many others. Traveling and meeting new clients is Jody’s favorite part of the job. Jody is well versed in litigation and the Rules of Civil Procedure. She is dedicated to delivering unmatched service and verbatim transcripts to all of our clients.

Like all of our court reporters, Jody takes depositions on a daily basis. Whereas most court reporters may only take two or three depositions per week, our standardized production system allows our court reporters to stay in the field every day. In short, court reporters like Jody spend almost all of their time working directly with attorneys and experiencing the many unique situations that can arise during litigation. Whatever problem or scenario that may arise at your deposition, you can be confident that Jody has successfully dealt with a similar situation in the past.

When Jody is not busy ensuring your transcripts are perfect, she enjoys spending time at the beach, relaxing with her family or reading a good book.

Here are a few of the standard services that set Jody Ackerman, and Milestone Reporting Company, apart from other court reporters:
* Court Reporting Offices located in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami and across Florida.

* 24-hour scheduling;

* In-house scheduling, production, transcription, proofing, IT, trial presentation;

* Court reporters and videographers are in-house ready for last-minute scheduling;

* Multiple in-house conference rooms;

* Video conferencing;

* Seven (7) day delivery time;

* Low price guarantee;

* Email, PDF, JPG, Multimedia CD’s, Audio/Video Synchronization;

* Free audio of all depositions; and

* Free photos of all witnesses on transcript, CD and DVD.