Katie O'Malley headshot
Katie O'Malley supervises a staff of roughly a dozen in our Orlando Production Department. Her job is to ensure that every transcript is perfectly formatted and delivered to our clients in any file format requested. Every month, hundreds of transcripts are submitted to Katie from court reporters across the United States that need to be e-mailed, printed, properly packaged and shipped to our clients. Every transcript is unique in that they all have different exhibits, different file formats and different delivery times. While our standard delivery time is seven business days, many clients request same-day delivery. As a result, Katie is always very focused on prioritizing and organizing production so that all transcripts are on time.

As our Production Manager, Katie has an expertise in operating the many types of litigation software used by our clients, and is able to produce transcripts in formats that are compatible with virtually any software used by an attorney. These include, but are not limited to: RealLegal, YesLaw, Visionary, Summation, Sanction, Trial Director and others. We can also deliver transcripts in formats such as PDF, eTran, ASCII and even paper. Katie helps each client receive the proper file format they need in order to incorporate the transcript files into their particular litigation software and practice.

Prior to becoming Milestone’s Production Manager, Katie worked as a court reporter. This experience has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the deposition process and the unique needs of attorneys throughout discovery. If you need a PDF of a transcript after business hours, Katie can ensure that it is delivered to you immediately. Lost an exhibit to a transcript from three years ago? No problem, Katie has it stored in perpetuity in on our redundant servers.

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